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“Business is in itself a power.”

-Garet Garrett


Are My Colleages Soft On (Academic) Crime?

This paper was written by Robert T. Burrus, Jr., University of North Carolina at Wilmington J. Edward Graham, University of North Carolina at Wilmington and Mike Walker, University of North Carolina Wilmington. This paper was presented at the Allied Academics 2011 Conference in Orlando, FL.


This paper investigates faculty perceptions about the frequency of student cheating, what kinds of behaviors should be considered to be cheating, and which remedies would reduce academic dishonesty. The survey also queries faculty about their perceptions of the factors that contribute to student cheating. The data for the study were collected at UNC Wilmington in January of 2009 and were used to provide direction for the rewriting of the UNCW student academic honor code. Generally, faculty definitions of cheating are broader than student definitions: faculty believe that student cheating is a major problem and faculty are moderately vigilant in detecting cheating (though they perceive their peers to be “soft on crime”). Policy prescriptions for reducing cheating include building a community of academic integrity and imposing harsher penalties.

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Accounts Receivable Systems

A good accounts receivable collection system is proactive. It also allows the entrepreneur to do business with customers that may not have a credit history, or even those who have a bad credit history. The major components of an effective system include these steps:
Before you go into business, perform an analysis of the industry’s payment practice. Is this an industry characterized by historically slow-paying customers, such as the government or health insurance companies? Figure 5-2 lists periodicals that can be used as part of an industry analysis. If an industry is characterized by slow-paying customers, this does not necessarily mean that you should not enter it; it simply means that you should be even more diligent about developing an maintaining a disciplined system.
Have all new customers complete a credit report before you provide any services or products. The report should be simple but thorough and should contain the following information:
The age of the company. The owner(s) of the company. Whether the company has ever declared Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy and whether the owner has ever declared Chapter 13. The current name of the company and any previous names. The maximum credit level desired. The telephone numbers and fax numbers and/or addresses of three supplier references, along with the length and terms of the relationship with these suppliers. The name of the company’s primary bank, its account number(s), and a contact number for the bank officer responsible for managing the company’s accounts. Whether or not the company agrees to pay invoices according to your terms.
Consider the following options if a potential customer does not have a credit history or has a bad one:
At the time of order receipt, require an up-front payment equal to the cost of goods sold for the order, with the balance due at the time of shipment. This ensures that your costs are covered if the customer cancels the order after production has begun. Obtain a 100% payment before work on the order can begin. Require a 100% payment before or at the time of delivery (COD). Request a 33% payment at order receipt and 33% at the time of shipment, with the balance due 30 days later.
Contact all references immediately and inquire about their credit experience with the prospective customer. Questions should include: How many years have they had this customer? What is the maximum amount of credit they have provided this customer? Have there been any increases or decreases in the credit limit? If so, why? What are their invoice terms? Does the customer typically pay within 10, 30, 60, or 90 days? Have they ever received any checks from this customer, and have any of them bounced? Do they recommend this company as a good customer? Have they had any problems doing business with this company?

Entrepreneurial Finance: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious Entrepreneur
2nd Edition
Rogers, Steven
Kellogg School of Management
Pages 160-162
Copyright 2009



ICSB Affiliate from Argentina will be holding The 15th Annual Red Pymes Conference during September 28-30, 2011 at the National Technologial University, in Concepcion del Uruguay. For more information, click Here.


International Council for Small Business will be holding its International World Conference during June 10-13, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand. For more information, click Here.


The Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship will be holding its 37th Annual ASBE Fall Conference during Novemeber 9-11, 2011 in Savannah, GA. Submission Deadline is August 1, 2011. For more information, click Here.


The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization will be holding its CEO Annual National Conference during October 27-29, 2011 in Fort Worth, TX. For more information, click Here.

USASBE News Update

The Family Business Special Interest Group is proud to announce the establishment of a $500 cash award for the USASBE Best Paper in Family Business Award, which will be presented at each of the next three USASBE annual meetings. This award, sponsored by the University of Wyoming and Northeastern University, will honor the best USASBE conference paper that deals with topics related to family firms. We encourage everyone to consider submitting research papers relevant to issues involving family business to the upcoming USASBE conference in New Orleans. For more information, click Here.


Mark your calenders! The 2012 USASBE Annual Conference will be held in New Orleans January 12-15, 2012. Submissions will be accepted online from June 13, 2011 to August 26, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact the Program Chair, Mindy Walls, at mindy.walls@mail.wvu.edu. For more information, click Here.

Small Business Institute

The Small Business Institute will be holding its 2012 Annual Conference during February 16, 2012 in San Antonio, TX. For more information, click Here.

Allied Academies Fall International Conference

Allied Academies will be holding a Fall International Conference in Las Vegas, NV during October 12-14, 2011.For more information, click Here.


Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship will be holding its Annual Conference in Windsor, Ontario during September 29 – October 1, 2011. Deadlines for Submissions is June 1, 2011.For more information, click Here.


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Submission Deadlines: Aug 1, 2011
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Who: Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
What: 37th Annual Conference
Where: Savannah, GA
When: November 9-11, 2011
Submission Deadlines: August 15, 2011
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